Monday, July 9, 2012

Newline Designs & Drum and Flag

Well, I've put in the order for the command figures and some extra Roman infantry and Goth archers from Newline. Now to wait.

Newline Roman infantry
(image from Newline website)
I probably should have just ordered one set to see how compatible they were with the Miniart figures, or at least done a bit more research, but I went the whole hog and ordered a bunch. Oh well, we'll see how compatible they are once they arrive!

Drum and Flag are selling the HaT late Roman light cavalry for $AU 15.16 including postage, whereas the same pack is going for $27.00 at Hearns' Hobbies! How can that be possible? Buying something from the other side of the world and having it flown over the globe is $12 cheaper than going into the city and buying it from a local shop! I suppose the brick and mortar hobby shop will soon be a thing of the past if things go on like this.

I like to support local independent businesses, but that's fairly much a no-brainer IMHO; next purchase will be from Drum & Flag.


  1. Looking nice...waiting for the following!

  2. These look good; ordered some stuff from Drum&Flag already, mainly HäT/Strelets, they're cheap and the service is reliable.

  3. I'm afraid you have little choice but to go with the cheapest option, but such a shame for the independent retailers. That said there are a great number of small companies flourishing because of the way that they have embraced internet sales.