Saturday, August 11, 2012

Newline Romans

I've started on the second line of Newline Designs Roman infantry, painting them up in red tunics as the unarmoured second row of the second unit of Roman infantry.

I've also bought a set of Italeri Late Roman infantry to bolster the ranks. I find that despite the lovely production values, the sculpting of Italeri figures leave me a little cold; out of at least a dozen poses, I find only a handful are any good. The rest are awkward, or down-right silly! I'm planning to distribute a few Italeri figures amongst the Miniart ones and have even experimented in swapping the heads from some of the more stupid Italeri poses with the bodies of the Miniart figures with the apocryphal Attic style helmets.

Newline unarmoured infantry

l to r, Miniart, Newline, Italeri

Stupid Italeri pose

New use for stupid Italeri pose figure's heads!

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