Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gothic Heavy and Light Cavalry

This is my latest entry for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge which earned me a total of 45 points, including a few points extra for the hand-painted shields. Italeri kindly moulds the pattern onto the shields which makes it easier, but also limits the patterns somewhat.

The shock cavalry stand includes the figure brandishing a sword, which I had to convert because the original blade looked like he was brandishing a table knife rather than a weapon! After carefully cutting out the original sword and making a groove in the figure's hand, I replaced it with one of the swords from the HaT Roman Medium Cavlary set and glued a sliver of sprue to replace his thumb which didn't survive the surgery. He looks a lot more menacing with a proper sword!

I'll be making a couple more stands of each, before going back to some more infantry, skirmishers and archers, then switching to the Romans to give them more skirmishers, archers and heavy and light cavalry. Before long I'll have enough on both sides to have my first battle!