Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roman Shield Patterns

These are my first attempts at creating shield designs for my Romans. They are supposed to represent the Defensores Seniores and the  Cornuti Seniores respectively. No reason why I chose them, besides that they were relatively easy to bodge up using Word. I'm not sure of "brigading" of regiments in this period, so I may well have started off on the wrong foot completely, but there you go!

As the majority of the shields in the Miniart set are ovoid, rather than round, that's how I've created mine so that they'll fit on the shields. If anyone out there would like to use these for their own collection or to modify, please feel free. Obviously these are made for 1/72 scale, so you'd have to up the scale for 28mm or reduce for 15mm.


  1. That's incredibly creative of you; just using Word? Is the plan to simply cut out and stick on using standard paper or is there a secret ingredient?

    1. They are very much a suck-it-and-see trial! My intention is to cut a hole around the boss and just glue them to the shield.

      Stay tuned for more!

  2. This Seniores Cornuti is auxilia palatina in Italic army, Defensores Seniores is legio psudocomitatenses, probably a Gallic army. Although the units named Defensores there are several in different places. Notitia is fairly complicated (especially for the western part of the Empire)