Wednesday, June 27, 2012

They're Heeeere!

My Miniart Romans and Goths arrived in the post yesterday.

I'm quite pleased with these figures. The sculpting is quite good with quite dynamic poses and all the proportions are anatomically correct.

A couple of drawbacks, as covered in the PSR review, though; there is a fair amount of flash that will require a bit of work with the scalpel and heated needle to remove.

There's a couple of figures that I'm not sure about though. The Roman soldiers in the so called 'Attic' style helmets just don't seem right. Even though there are frequent representations of the style in art, there's no archaeological evidence that they actually existed. I'll see if I can get by without them, but I may have to use them if I need the numbers.

As the Romans have a surfeit of missile troops, I might actually make some of them defect to the Gothic side to bolster their skirmish abilities!

I'm not looking forward to painting the shields, I can tell you now! I'll try and experiment with designs made on the computer before I try bodging up some hand painted shields. I'll keep you posted with my progress!

Roman sprue (1 of 4 in a box)

Gothic sprue


  1. Glad they all arrived safe and sound, go for plain shields at first then add a splash of colour after a few beers, that might help!!

  2. Good stuff Monsieur (or probably I should call you Magister on this blog). Although late Roman is one of my favourite periods I've been reluctant to get into it in 1/72 because the figures don't seem all that compatible with each other. What do you think? Love to know if I'm wrong.

    1. I quite like these Miniart figures, though they are a bit flash-y. With HaT producing some good Roman cavalry of late, I think the options are growing. That said, I certainly am not going to bother with HaT's late Roman infantry which suffer from some bizarre poses!

    2. As for the sets of HAT, the Medium and Missile Infantry are pretty good. The problem is the set of Heavy Infantry, standing in strange poses, very broadly. I have one set and do not know how they hold up on the stand to the Comitatus.