Thursday, September 27, 2012

Comitatus arrives!

Huzzah! I received my full-colour rule-book in the post a couple of days ago as a belated birthday gift from my father. We were both expecting it to take a lot longer, but it arrived only a couple of days after my birthday.

It's basically the same beast as the free pdf download that used to be available, but with the added bonus of lots of lovely full colour diagrams and photos to illustrate troop types, formations and combat procedures. It has a handy-dandy quick reference sheet, too, which will be useful in the heat of battle!

I'm really looking forward to giving the rules a go. They seem straightforward enough, but not too generic. I'll have to get used to the pre-firearms period: no artillery, no muskets, just good old fashioned biffo!

Now to hurry up and finish my armies....

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