Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Here's my first stand of Roman skirmishers to go with the infantry; 2 javelin throwers and 1 slinger.

All 3 are Miniart again and suffer from the same defects; fine poses, but terrible production qualities. The mold lines down the faces and legs are terrible, likewise the flash around the shields and javelins. I did my best with trying to de-flash them, but didn't want to spoil any of the detail there is on these figures.

I like the animation in these figures. They all look like they are in the act of winding up to launch a barrage of missiles at the enemy.


  1. Very cool. MiniArt is a lottery, what quality figures will be. :)
    What size does this stand?

    1. Thanks Puszkin.

      I've based all my stands on the 25mm figure standard; 60mm wide and 40mm deep. The skirmish and archer stands I've kept the same frontage, but to reflect their unformed nature, I've made the depth a more random shape.

  2. That is a smashing looking stand Sir. Love the details on the tunics and shields.