Sunday, September 16, 2012

Experiments with Archers

Rather than have archers using bows with no bowstrings (maybe they just shout "twang!" and chuck their arrows?), I've experimented using a technique I've seen on various other blogs and fora, namely using a length of plastic bristle from a kitchen floor brush and pan set.

The bristle was cut in half and one length was glued from the archer's fist to both ends of the bow, then trimmed once the glue had set. I think I'll need to be a little more skillful with the glue, as there seems to be rather a large blob around his chin and shoulder.

1st bristle added

Once he 1st bristle had dried, I added the 2nd.

Bristles trimmed and then painted.


  1. Impressive work Sir, the air turned blue when I last tried this and that was with the larger scale!